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Sixteen, I think. To subscribe to the magazine, visit the NRA membership page here and select Shooting Illustrated as your member magazine. [reading Bonnie’s poem published in the newspaper] ( Log Out /  Maney Gault: I’ve felt more welcome. The mob succeeded in breaking open the vault and dragging Hughes’ dead body behind a car, then hanging it from a tree where they set it on fire. The smart move would have been to avoid going through the town at all. When the posse assembled in a hurry in a Louisiana hinterwald small town, three of the men could not bring their own long arms, and were outfitted from Hamer’s personal rolling arsenal — Gault got Hamer’s .25 Remington Model 8 semiautomatic rifle, Alcorn his .30-30 Winchester M1894 carbine, and Hinton his .30-06 Colt R80 Monitor machine rifle (a variant of the M1918 BAR which was the chosen armament of the outlaws). Maney Gault: He’s dead. Ma Ferguson: If today was a fish, I’d throw the son of a bitch back. When I do, I most always dream about dead Mexicans. ", His marksmanship was legendary. 1894 the family moved to Oxford in Llano County and Frank worked in his dad’s blacksmith shop. Joseph Pinkston in his excellent book, with Robert Cromie, “Dillinger, A Short and Violent Life” writes of the apprehension of Dillinger gang member Leslie Homer and of his advice given to Racine officers in November of 1933. The Model 8 was one of at least two Model 8’s used in the ambush. Texas Ranger Frank Hamer is best known for helping to end the careers of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. [as Clyde’s father tells him a story about Clyde] Explore sebaxxxtian's photos on Flickr. [last lines] Stevenson was elected to a full term in 1942, winning the Democratic primary with 69% and being unopposed in the general election. Perhaps now we have a chance to change that. One of rioters ran up to cut a fire hose with an axe. [Gault turns, punches the man and puts his head in the toilet, then turns and points his gun at the other two men] Henry Barrow: He ain’t going to surrender. Write that down and underline it twice. The outlaws made headlines. Deputy Oakley fired the opening burst from his Remington Model 8. Simply having a gun doesn’t get the job done, nor is employing it quickly—you have to be able to shoot it accurately as well as rapidly. And, second, you can miss with a shotgun—they do have to be aimed if one is expecting to get hits. I am privy to some inside facts about Frank because I know one of his Grandsons. Frank Hamer: You in good spirits? Maybe we were all hungry. I could help with the driving. newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. Like his comrades, he had no formal training but learned on the job. HT108, W:D71) and the lever-action rifle with a .35 Remington Model 8 semiautomatic rifle (p. W:D72) with 20-round magazine extension (both weapons offering superior penetration against bullet-proof vests and the heavy Ford V8 sedans Clyde Barrow was partial to). Charlie Stevens (center, with binoculars). They took orders from no one, and they left me to answer for the blood. When he got to the next group, his fingers curled for the draw and poised just above the grip of his pistol. Ab. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. The March, 1992 issue of Guns and Ammo’s “HANDGUNS FOR SPORT AND DEFENSE” magazine contains an interview with Frank Hamer Jr. who confirmed that his father’s Colt was a .38 Super. Frank Hamer: No. See all 138 photos taken at Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum by 1,397 visitors. Hamer married Gladys Johnson while she and her brother, Emmett, were under indictment for killing Gladys’ ex-husband, Ed Sims. This reality should also be considered when we are formulating our own personal defense plans. Working primarily along the South Texas border, Hamer became known as an expert shot. Such a reputation is in itself a most intimidating weapon and Hamer never slowed down as he approached Parr’s gunmen. In one of the hundreds of details that make Texas Ranger such a great read, Boessenecker devotes time to the training of the Rangers' mules, particularly one named Old Monk. Phillips ran for it. But Boessenecker managed an in-depth look at his life, revealing a man of complexity; Hamer was both a man typical of his time and place yet more multifaceted than one would expect. Wounded one of my guards, killed another, died in my arms apologizing for letting me down. Reporter: Would you care to comment on your role in the apprehension of Bonnie and Clyde? As this was going on, McMeans’ henchman, H.E. In mid-March Henry Methvin’s family contacted law enforcement in Louisiana. Frank Hamer: People don’t always know who they are, until it’s too late. He was on his side. Had Frank and Harrison Hamer stayed together, Frank might not have been shot at all. Maney Gault: It’s a real mess, you get it point blank, but I’m happy to do it for you. “In the presence of women and children,” Boessenecker writes, “he was the paragon of Texas gentility. Today, a jury might get the impression that a person was welcoming the opportunity to engage his enemies. [Hamer turns to get in his car, but turns to look at a disappointed Gault] Fortas advised them to make an argument to a Court of Appeals judge that they knew would quickly rule against Johnson- thereby avoiding the usual delays that occur when judges take cases under advisement- often for days and weeks- during which the deadline for getting on the ballot would be lost for LBJ. "Frank" Hamer, Texas Ranger Captain Frank Hamer (pronounced Hay-mer) was born on March 17, 1884 in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas.He grew up on the Welch Ranch in San Saba County. On May 23, 1934, Bonnie and Clyde were driving down a back road near their hideout at Bienville Parish, Louisiana. - Frank Hamer (The Highwaymen), Roald Dahl’s The Witches (2020) Best Movie Quotes, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Quotes on Netflix, Jungleland New Movie Quotes – ‘We’re not going to lose.’, Best Quotes from The Dark Knight Trilogy – ‘Why so serious?’. C... Frank Hamer (standing left) with his mentor Captain John H. Rogers (seated) and his friend Duke Hudson (right) in 1906. This isn’t Llano County. You remember that at the next road block. Maney Gault: Stay in there till I come back and tell you different. If not by the gun, then by the chair. He says he’ll give you a thousand dollars for a phone interview right now. He opted for a larger caliber to deliver more punch to the target. Reporter: Some folks are saying that Parker and Barrow are heroes, calling them Robin Hoods. This book is as good as it is going to get about the life and character of Frank Hamer. Phillips, ran up to the struggling pair with his shotgun. Frank Hamer: How did you know it was me? Maney Gault: Shame on you. Lee Simmons: You’re right, they did. Frank Hamer: The reason I passed your house that day was because I wanted to spare you this. After 102 days of hunting Barrow, Frank Hamer and his posse were ready for Barrow’s gang when they stopped at the ambush spot on a road near Gibsland, Louisiana. But Frank pushed Harrison’s rifle barrel up and told him not to shoot a man in the back. He was played by longtime character actor Denver Pyle, but the portrayal by William Hurt in the 2013 miniseries was closer to the real Hamer. “Git!”, he admonished and then, “Fall back!”. Governor, Bonnie and Clyde have been on the road for two years. After catching the rustlers, Hamer led a successful effort to organize his neighbors and several other counties around Kimble County to improve the roads so that merchants and farmers could get their products to and from places like San Antonio. It’s essential in a dragnet. Dammit, Pancho, I’m above ground and ready to go. [referring to Hamer driving up to Gault’s house earlier, but then leaving without seeing him] We might look at just one of his many encounters and see what we can learn from it that will be beneficial to us in our own personal defense. Harrison Hamer, who had just arrived back on the scene, started to shoot the fleeing Phillips. John Boessenecker, veteran author and historian, discusses his new book, "Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde." Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. [holds up a knife] Frank Hamer: See that heel scrape? Hamer was to Texas “what Wyatt Earp was to Arizona and what Wild Bill Hickok was to Kansas … In an era when crooked police were a dime a dozen, he could not be bought at any price.”, Francis Augustus Hamer was born in Fairview, Collin County, in 1884 to parents of Scottish-Irish-English and German blood. [as Hamer is loading his car with ammo] It’d be a shame if either of you got hurt in retirement. The good deed saved his life and, writes Boessenecker, “instilled in him a lifelong affinity for African Americans … it was a debt that Frank Hamer would pay back again and again.”, He was attracted to the Texas Rangers by their legend and lore, not by the paltry $40 a month they were paid. It as bad is the headlines? You come to the wrong place to dog Wade boy. He refused to exploit his fame as their killer, turning down an offer of $1,000 for a few minutes of interview time on the radio. sebaxxxtian has uploaded 179 photos to Flickr. Hamer stuffed a blue steel Colt commercial automatic in his belt and it is this gun that is most interesting to this writer. My little Huck Finn. Stevenson and Hamer met the lawyers at the Alice Hotel and Hamer told them to take off their coats so that the well-armed gangs employed by the Duke of Duvall,George Parr, would know that they were unarmed. Get yourselves in that stall. Frank Hamer: I won’t argue that. Since I have begun…, Frank Hamer exibit, Texas Rangers Museum (He got Bonny and Clyde). Maney Gault: You know, a man can’t pass bullets through him like he can kidney stones. He wasn’t born that way. The entire paternal side of my family witnessed Frank Hamer shooting one of the rioters in Sherman. 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