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This is especially important if warm, bright days preceed days forecasted to be in the low 20’s or colder. This will encourage deep, healthy root growth. Spread a ¼”-½” layer of compost over the lawn and rake it into the holes left by the aerator. Be aware, it could take several months for lime and sulfur applications to begin to affect the soil pH. This option is best for sandy or loose soils, as it can cause compaction in clay. Zoysia tolerates a wide range of humidity. Topdressing with compost is a good way to provide slow-release nitrogen, and in most lawns, this can replace annual fertilization. As with all pest control, proper weed identification is essential. All recommendations are for South Carolina conditions and may not apply to other areas. This can give centipede grass an advantage if it creeps into your lawn, and it may take several rounds of sprays and manual removal before you gain control. Bermuda grass is the most difficult weed to remove from a zoysia lawn. Bury 2/3 of each sprig with a few inches of soil. Empire is chinch bug resistant, which makes it a good choice for lawns in the transition zone with very dry summers. If zoysia is maintained properly, it can grow a thick, deep-green carpet that resists most pests, diseases, and weed infestations. White grubs are the larvae of beetles, most often those of the Japanese beetle that commonly infests zoysia grass, a favorite turf grass in warmer climates of the U.S. Japanese beetles lay their eggs in July; by late July the eggs hatch and emerging white grubs feed on the roots of zoysia grass … Disposing of plant material: If you sprayed your lawn, it is best to take the dead plant material to a local yard waste dump. Zoysia is a dense grass, and under the right conditions, it can choke out most weeds and other grasses without too much chemical intervention. Water 4-5 times per day, like you would with seeds, and keep watering until you see active growth. Zoysia can grow in poor soils with low fertility. Apply 1 pound of potash (K2O) per 1,000 square feet 4 to 6 weeks before the first expected frost by using 1.6 pounds of muriate of potash (0-0-60) or 2 pounds of potassium sulfate (0-0-50) per 1000 square feet. A soil test will help determine if a fertilizer containing phosphorus, the middle number in the fertilizer analysis, is sufficient for the lawn. Spray a preventative herbicide each spring to prevent weed seeds from germinating, and pull up any surviving plants before they go to seed. Chemical-free: The fall before planting, spread tarps or solid plastic film across your lawn and anchor them with stakes. Most turf diseases are caused by poor irrigation and mowing schedules. Option 2: Spread the sprigs across your lawn and till them in on a shallow setting. This is obviously the most expensive option. Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status and is an equal opportunity employer. They hold shape, but can’t be molded. If the turf at the edge of the dying area shows a smoky brown, rotted appearance, it will be necessary to apply a fungicide treatment. An insecticide application targeted at the smaller nymphs is the most effective control even if damage has not yet occurred. Because of its fast growth rate, Bermuda grass needs more of everything than zoysia grass does: more water, more fertilizer, and more frequent mowing. Zoysia grass is native to Asia and Australia, but it’s been in the United States since at least 1895, when Americans first became invested in their lawns. Clay can be so dense that nutrients are not able to move into the root zone of a plant. If the bagger is picking up soil, especially sand, the mower blade may need to be sharpened more often than once per month. Follow all directions, precautions and restrictions that are listed. Some weeds can be controlled with preventative sprays, but other, invasive warm-season grasses are more difficult to remove. Many people are taking an interest in producing their own food and turning... Small Engine Pull Cord Stuck: Why and What to Do. COVID-19 Extension Updates and Resources ... More Information », Factsheet | HGIC 1217 | Updated: Nov 2, 2018 | Print | Download (PDF). The need for phosphorus is determined by a soil test. On bare soil, you can rake lightly to cultivate, and broadcast the seed with your spreader according to the package directions coverage rate. Irrigate after topdressing to help the lawn begin to recover from dethatching and aerating. Although zoysia lawns are most commonly established by the planting of sod or sod plugs, you can also plant zoysia seed. You can do this by spraying a non-selective herbicide (not a pre-emergent) over your lawn at two-week increments after the lawn breaks dormancy. These 3-way mixes typically contain 2,4-D, dicamba, and mecoprop. Lime or sulfur may also be added if a soil test indicates a need. See Best Fertilizer For A Clay Soil Lawn: Why Ingredients Matter. Insect Control: There are various insect pests that may attack zoysiagrass during the summer months. Monitor the winter rainfall on a regular basis and apply water to the turf if no measurable rain occurs over a 3 to 4 week period. The best way to prevent broadleaf weeds is to encourage zoysia to fill in bare patches of soil through consistent maintenance and soil building. It is resistant to most pests and diseases, and it is more durable than most other cultivars. You will need approximately 1 bushel of sprigs per 100 square feet of lawn area. Most future turf problems can be solved in the beginning by preparing a healthy foundation. Bermuda grass can be spread when mower blades chop up stolons and fling them across the lawn, so removing clippings can slow the spread. If the damage is minimal, wait before applying an insecticide. It is important for the soil to have sufficient potassium, especially late in the growing season as the grass enters dormancy. Last frost dates and first frost dates can vary by several weeks to a month from the coastal areas of South Carolina to the foothills of the Upstate. As shade increases, the grasses will become thin, which allows weeds to grow and compete, further stressing the grass. Quick-release fertilizers may result in a few weeks of sudden growth, but this only attracts pests and diseases without encouraging long-term results. For more information see St. Augustine vs. Zoysia: Which One Is Right For Your Lawn? If you cannot control leaf spot by changing your maintenance practices, you may have to spray a fungicide. This is best done before the first frost. Monitor the lawn on a regular basis to assess the need for irrigation. Zoysia is an aggressive grower, so most lawns can fully recover after a full growing season. Insect Control:  Cold winter temperatures will usually keep insect problems in zoysiagrass at bay. Once the plugs begin active growth, gradually back off on irrigation until the turf has filled in. If you live in a humid climate, you may only need to irrigate a few times during the summer. See the section on fertilizer calculations below to determine how much granular fertilizer product should be applied.

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